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Our Story

Time, Care and Passion In Every Piece 

The Crafty Couple was born at the beginning of 2018 after buying our first home together. We were looking for furniture with a rustic feel that was made to a high standard while still being at an affordable price. Feeling like our dream furniture just wasn't out there, with James' joinery skills and my design passion we decided to make it ourselves - starting with our dining table. 


Our furniture gained huge popularity amongst our family and friends owing to our high quality finish. We began crafting for those closest to us, crafting on evenings and weekends from our little garage. With small steps we eventually took the plunge into our first commercial unit in 2019 and began the big step of employing our first fine crafter.


Since then, we've grown significantly, to eventually becoming what is now: The Crafty Couple - our full-time company hand-crafting your dream furniture and accessories. Our little company now supports seven full time experienced crafters and multiple local businesses - all of which are family owned and run. So, when you buy from us you get true quality from real people who take an immense amount of pride in their work.​

By ordering from The Crafty Couple, you aren't just ordering any off the shelf furniture, each piece is handcrafted from the very beginning using sustainability sourced materials, making it entirely unique. With us, you get the opportunity to make the item yours, with the help of our furniture creating knowledge. 

All of our furniture pieces are hand-made with the end product in mind and we would never send out an item which we wouldn't love to have in our own home. 

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