This item is for the changing from our rustic range to a solid oak bench top. Simply add your bench of choice to the basket and this as an additional item in the same size top i.e. Loxley, Prism, Trapezium etc.


Starting material size of 40mm (Finish approx. 33mm).  


We hand-pick sustainably sourced European oak which is full of character including knots, medullary rays and fantastic grain making every table unique and beautiful. We fill knots and fine cracks with epoxy resin for a smooth finish on all of our tables.


If character isn't to your taste however, we can quote for prime grade oak which has reduced features - this would need to be quoted prior to order as the selection process and material varies from our stock wood. 


In our oak range, you can select one of three edge profiles: Square edge, Bevelled or Live Edge. All of which can be seen in the photos above. 

Solid Oak Bench Top Substitution


    Customisation of products

    As with all our items, size and colour are entirely customisable - we have a set of standard colours which  would suit any home -  samples of which can be purchased here

    For table top substitutions from our "Rustic" range please click here for Solid Oak substitution or here for the Solid Oak Herriongbone substitution. 

    If the item contains metal elements these maybe powder coated in any RAL colour link here for RAL colour chart (external webpage).

    Product variation and characteristics - 

    By the very nature of both the materials we use, and the type of  rustic/industrial furniture we are producing, our wood could contain all of the following characterful traits: (which are expected within each piece and for which we are unable to offer any kind of discount or refund)

                   - Bandsaw marks across the grain.

                   - Small ‘chip out’ marks from the planer

                   - Knots/cracks/shakes including missing knots

                   - Small machining marks

                   - Natural colour variation 

    Hopefully all of these attributes will add to the uniqueness of your piece, but should you want your piece to be reduced from this type of rustic character as much as possible, please make sure to specify a quote or let us know that you need a surface extra flat/smooth etc so that we are able to quote accordingly. For more information on the characteristics of our products please see our Terms and Conditions page - "Product variations"