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What We Do...
Sustainable, recyclable & furniture to last a lifetime 

Thanks for taking the time to come check out how we ensure that all of our products are produced and shipped with the planet in mind. Sustainability is highest on our priorities and as a team, we’re passionate about crafting premium, environmentally friendly furniture. 


Every decision made within our company has the environment at its heart.  We love that this is important to so many of you as well, which is why we want to share a little insight into what we do to ensure that our products, manufacturing process and packaging are green. 


Being passionate about producing sustainable furniture means we have always used sustainably sourced and FSC approved materials. Doing our bit to promote a greener future is one of many things at the heart of our business. 

We use natural waxes on all our products which help protect your furniture and offer water-resistant properties. We also use Osmo oil on our larger furniture pieces such as dining tables for added protection from daily wear and tear. Osmo is one of the world's leading environmentally friendly produces of furniture finishes, which are free of VOCs.

Our wood cut offs are collected locally in the summer months (*we use the phrase “summer” loosely in the UK!), then in the winter months we use it to burn to heat our workshop. Many of our local stables collect our sawdust waste and so do some of our resident allotment users.

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We’re proud to say that our packaging is almost entirely is plastic free and has been for over 2 years. The only plastic we use is 100% recycled and recyclable pallet strapping and a small grip-seal bags for fixings. We use recyclable cardboard and our inner packaging is Kraft paper made from recycled materials.


We endeavour to re-use any plastic packaging that we receive from our suppliers such as bubble wrap - so if you receive any this is its second use: see if you can give it a third use!

Carbon Footprint

From the very beginning, we've had a huge focus on supporting our local and family businesses. By shopping local, we reduce our company's carbon footprint in transport of materials while also supporting our local economy. All aspects of our products are handmade in Sheffield.

Our workshop is also entirely run on renewable energy and heated from our offcuts in the winter months. 

By purchasing from us, you too are making a conscious effort to help save our planet. The very nature of our products means they'll last a lifetime reducing the need for throw away furniture.


Future Plans

As part of our carbon reduction plan, we're currently in the planning stages of a re-wilding project right here in Sheffield! We have recently developed the idea and are about to re-wild eight acres of land close to the Peak District National Park. 


Our aim is to plant indigenous trees and shrubbery, re-instate a bog/aquatic area and plant a wild flower meadow. All of which will be off-setting any carbon produced in our manufacturing process. 

During the process, we'll be documenting the project and will be uploading a blog in due course, so stay tuned!