Gin Shelf Set - 800mm
Trapezium Dining Table and Bench - 180cm Medium rustic
Rustic Shelves with Brackets - Light Rustic
Trapezium Table and Bench - 150cm Medium Rustic
Omni Console Table - 120cm - Medium Rustic
Grey Prism Dining Table and Bench Grey Rustic Range
Rustic Shelves with Brackets
Solid Oak Trapezium Table - Liming Wax - 180cm
Mantel - 130cm - Medium rustic
Foundry Dining Table - 200cm - Medium rustic
Foundry Narrow Console Table - 100cm - Medium Rustic
Omni Dining Table - 180cm - Medium Rustic
Wine Rack - Grey Rustic - 6 Bottles
Prism Dining Table


We promise to provide unrivalled customer service from the outset whilst handcrafting premium products to last a lifetime using sustainably sourced, high quality materials. 

We love interior design and through passion and bespoke crafting, we create furniture that fits your home perfectly.

We handmake every piece with a care and passion for wood working in our UK based workshop.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our small items such as shelves and consoles. 

 Please check out our sustainability page for more information on how we're reducing our carbon footprint.

James and Sarah 

The Crafty Couple

The Crafty Couple - faces behind the brand

Handmade, Sustainable & High-quality